Publicité Sauvage

From Sub-Culture to Mainstream, the Evolving Poster Art of Publicité Sauvage.

 Montrealers are fortunate to live in a city that has always celebrated posters and street art.  Although posters have adorned hoardings and buildings in and around our metropolis for over a century, over the last three decades the engine for this urban conversation has been the locally grown poster company Publicité Sauvage.

 L’Affichiste—Montreal’s only vintage poster gallery—will launch its inaugural contemporary poster exhibition series with a show dedicated to the art and posters of Publicité Sauvage. Renowned Polish poster artist and illustrator Tomasz Walenta has been commissioned to create an exclusive poster for this first-ever collaboration. 

Karen Etingin, the owner of L’Affichiste, and Isabelle Jalbert, the Director of Publicité Sauvage, have selected 50 posters from the vast Publicité Sauvage archives - each a visual reference to the concerts, exhibitions and events that have taken place in Montreal over the last 27 years.