1820s Engraving of Lake Avernus - Elizabeth Frances Batty

Date: 1820s
Size: Matted to 10 x 12 inches
Notes: Engraving, Small, Matted
Artists: Painting by Elizabeth Frances Batty
Engraved by George Corbould


About this poster: Located in the Campania region of southern Italy, Lake Avernus is a volcanic crater lake in the Avernus crater.

About the artist: This engraving is based upon the painting of Elizabeth Frances Batty in 1817. She was a British painter, draftsman and illustrator active from 1809 to about 1819. This particular print was part of 19th century publication by Rodwell & Martin called Italian Scenery, a book that regrouped many more of her engraved paintings.

Recently matted in green, this lovely print is ready to frame.