1874 Engraving of Quebec City Skyline - J.D. Woodward and R. Hinshelwood

Date: 1874
Size: Matted to 13.5 x 17 inches
Notes: Engraving, Medium, Double-Matted
Artists: Drawn by John Douglas Woodward
Engraved by Robert Hinshelwood
This print is part of D. Appleton and Company's series Picturesque America. It is a wonderful view of Quebec based upon a sketch from 1850. It depict key sites such as the Plains of Abraham and Cape Diamond. The city's fortifications are also illustrated, as well as marine vessels sailing across the river.
It was printed from a steel plate etched by a human hand. The workmanship is incredibly meticulous, and the parallel lines are sharp and close together. It gives this beautiful print a silvery look.


This lovely piece of history can decorate any home or office, and it was recently double-matted in white and black. It is ready to frame.