1900 French Oversize Poster, Goudron Perouse - Perolise

1900 French Oversize Poster, Goudron Perouse - Perolise

Date: 1900
Size:  59 x 53 inches
Artist: Perolise, J. Mario
Information: For more details, please call 514 656 3301

About The Poster: This poster just came in and we love everything about it - it's size, its condition, its colours... it's just fab!

Goudron Perouse was evidently a small vineyard which produced award winning wines around the turn of the last century. This poster aims to show just how popular the wine was - in two significant ways: firstly by virtue of the size of its exports (note the number of cases that are waiting to be shipped), as well as by the fact that the shipyard worker can not keep his hands of his own private stash. 

This poster would be a perfect conversation piece for a restaurant, bar, dining room or wine cellar. In excellent condition, on linen and signed in the stone.