1920 Scholastic Poster, La Grande Guerre 1914-1918 PAX - JOB

Date: c. 1920
Size: 41.25 x 34 inches
Notes: Poster, Large, Unlined
Artist: Jacques Onfroy de Bréville known as JOB


About the poster: This piece is 1 of 12 academical poster edited by the french publisher Delagrave. This poster is the twelfth of the series, and represents the peace setting in after the Great War of 1914-1918. Divided in two part, on the left you can see a destroyed house and dry soil. A reminder of the damages war brought onto the people. Whilst on the right, the land is being cultivated, the country is alive again, a family is together.

About the artist: Born in Bar-le-Duc in 1858 in France, Jacques Onfroy de Bréville was a draftsman, a cartoonist and an illustrator. He studied in the École des Beaux-Arts and he is part of the exhibit at the Salon des artistes Français in 1886. He then starts is career as a draftsman for French satirical magazines such as La Nouvelle Lune and La Caricature. Mostly known for children's book illustrations, his colourful compositions helped maintain the cult of the national hero.