1917 Original French WWI War Bonds Poster, 3e emprunt de la defense nationale - Lelong

Date: 1917
Size:  31 x 47.25 inches
Notes: Poster, Linen Backed
Artist: René Lelong

About The Poster: This original WWI War Bonds poster was designed by Lelong. Shown is the personification of the French Republic, Marianne, who also symbolized liberty and reason. Balanced on a globe and surrounded by flags, she is shown leading the French people to victory. This poster is asking the French people to make a long-term financial loan to the government, which had trouble amassing money due to the cost of war. This has been done numerous times throughout the country's history, usually during times of war, political crisis, or in times of peace when it was necessary to set certain projects in motion. The government generally relied upon propaganda posters to convince the populace to many generous (or any) monetary contributions.

This poster has recently been linen backed and is in excellent condition.