1918 Vintage WWI Propaganda Poster, Good Bye Dad Third Liberty Loan - Lawrence Harris

Date: ca. 1918
Size: 19 x 25.5 inches
Notes: Poster, Linen backed
Artist: Lawrence Harris

About the Poster: In an attempt to convince the American population to buy bonds and therefore finance the war effort, propaganda posters often resorted to guilting people into donating their money. In this poster, we see a Doughboy (a term used to refer to U.S. infantryman, especially in WWI) shaking the hand of a civilian-looking Uncle Sam character. Commissioned by the American government, the poster shows the different roles men could play in the war effort. While the younger generation left the country to fight, the older men (being unhealthy or out of shape) were expected to make financial contributions instead.

Recently linen backed and in B condition (worn). See additional photographs for details.