1920s Framed French Michelin Car Tires Advertisement

Date: 1920s
Size:  5 x 7 inches, 10.5 x 12 inches framed
Artist: O'Gallop

About The Poster: A wonderful and rare vintage advertisement for Michelin Tires, a classic logo in advertisement history! The Michelin Man is a great example of timeless advertising and a successful identity campaign. This mascot was created in 1899 from the imagination of the Michelin brothers and with the talents of poster artist Marius Rossilon, (alias O'Gallop, whose signature can be seen in the bottom left of this print). Now over a century the later, the Michelin Man is still the company's primary image.

While the bulk of our poster collection consists of full size posters, we consider such smaller, more affordable gems to be worthy of collection as well. We think these pieces would look great in a garage, an office, a livingroom, country home, or any space in which a dash of retro style is needed or desired. They are affordable, sweet, vintage ... What more could you ask for?