1920s Original Rhum Negrita Poster - Anonymous

1920s Original Rhum Negrita Poster - Anonymous

Date: 1920s
Size:  44.5 x 30.5 inches
Notes: Poster, Linenbacked
Artist: Anonymous

About The Poster: One of the elements of vintage posters which we like is the fact that while they may not be particularly 'politically correct' at the moment, at one time (namely the time when the poster was produced) there was nothing politically incorrect about it... At the turn of the century and well into the 1920's, it was not uncommon to see a person of colour selling products in print - although these images are not re-produced today, there is a large collectible market for posters such as this. 

As rum was often produced in colonial countries, the use of persons of colour was not unexpected. One of our followers has recently published a book which features some of our rum posters. It is called Rum: A Global History, and was written by Richard Foss. Interesting reading!

Poster is in excellent condition and linen lined.