1925 Original German Art Deco Poster, Athlete - Hohlwein

1925 Original German Art Deco Poster, Athlete - Hohlwein

Date: 1925
Size: 23 x 36 inches (sheet) 23 x 21 inches (image)
Notes: Poster, Small Poster
Artist: Hohlwein, Ludwig
Information: For more details, please call 514 656 3301

About The Poster: 

 Born in Munich, Germany in July, 1871, he started his professional career as an architect, but in 1895, induced by his love of color and the desire to produce colorful posters, he deserted his profession to begin a new career as a poster designer. Immediately, he established an enviable reputation and was soon  recognized as the leader of his field. He has retained this distinction and today is considered not only the foremost poster designer in Germany, but one of the best in the world. During the long period of activity in which he produced many hundreds of posters, he has hardly ever failed to produce a thing of beauty and charm. His compositions are always striking and original, his colour harmonies unusual and superb, and his technique at once recognizable and inimitable. Undoubtedly, many of his productions bear the distinctive mark of an architect, while others  are endowed with the qualities of mural decor, while still others denote the frequency with which he has been influenced by Japanese prints. Throughout his entire career as poster artist, he successfully maintained a high standard of excellence in his work. His versatility seems unbounded. One need only glance through the present collection of his works to realize and appreciate the remarkable and charming qualities of the modern decorative poster designer, Ludwig Hohlwein.   


This poster has some wear in the margins, but is otherwise in great condition.