1930s Original Swedish Art Deco Movie Poster, Storken Kommer

Date: 1930s
Size:  27.5 x 39.5 inches
Notes: Large poster, mounted on linen
Artist: Eric Rohman

About the Poster:
This poster was created for the film "The Little Accident" and American comedy starring Douglas Fairbank Jr and Anita Page, and directed by William James Craft. It opened in New York in August of 1930, and was released in theaters the following September. The plot can be summarized as follows: "On the day before his second wedding, a man finds out that his bride-to-be has had a baby." 

AFI provide a more comprehensive description: "On the day before his scheduled marriage to Madge (Sally Blane), Norman Overbeck (Fairbanks Jr) receives a letter from a maternity hospital in Chicago, and later he learns that he is the father of a 3-week-old boy. He suddenly leaves for Chicago, confiding in his friend Gilbert (Roscoe Karns) that a year ago he secretly married Isabel Drury (Anita Page) in Boston and that she had the marriage annulled. Arriving at the hospital, Norman is subjected to a physical examination; in a reception room he meets Hicks (Slim Summerville), an expectant father, and Rudolpho (Henry Armetta), who is waiting to take home his wife and child. Norman denounces Isabel for letting the child out for adoption, and through a ruse, he kidnaps his own child and engages Monica (ZaSu Pitts), a wet nurse, to care for it. Monica offers to marry him, then Isabel changes her mind about adoption and demands her child. Matters are further complicated by the arrival of Madge; after much disputation, Norman and Isabel decide to start again." 

Great for a child's room or nursery, this poster has been recently linen-backed and is in excellent condition. A superb example of Art Deco typography combined with Danish humour and design at its best!