1930s Original Italian poster, Emo-anti-toxina, Prof Maragliano

1930s Original Italian poster, Emo-anti-toxina, Prof Maragliano

Date: 1930s
Size:  28 x 28 inches
Notes: Poster, linen backed
Artist: Martelli G.

About The Poster: This beautiful Italian vintage poster shows a lady wearing a Venetian mask and costume. It promote an anti-toxin emollient made by Prof Maragliano.

Prof Edoardo Maragliano was an Italian physician and clinician who created the first anti-tuberculosis vaccine. He was the first to realize that it was possible to immunize the human body against tuberculosis as against all other infectious diseases.

During the 1884 cholera epidemic, Maragliano organizes and directs a hospital specially set up with the help of his clinic. For this reason it is adorned the Silver Medal to deserving public health. In 1890, he established the Royal Medical Academy of Genova. In 1896 he created as part of his clinic, the first Italian dispensary and the first department of diagnostic assessment.Regarding the activities of Maragliano as the author of scientific works, he began and continued until completion, with Arnaldo Cantani, the Italian Treaty of Pathology in 24 volumes. Among his major works you must include the Treaty of Diseases of the Lungs, the Original Monographs on nephritis, the fever, the blood, the replacement, on Tuberculosis and Immunity Anti-tuberculosis. More than 2553 works on scientific activity were made by the Medical Clinic of Genoa during the period when Maragliano directed