1941 American Art Deco Posters, Set of 4/Fortune Magazine - Carlu, Binder, Bayer, Giusti

Date: 1937
Size: 9.75 x 11.75 inches
Artist: Various, as above
Information: For more details, please call 514 656 3301

About The Artists: Four small posters by four great poster artists, produced for Fortune Magazine in 1941.

Jean Carlu started his career as a professional poster-designer in 1919. He was one of the first who realised that to fix a trademark in the minds of consumers a process needs to be gone through in which schematic forms and expressive colours are applied. These are the characteristics that give his posters and other works their distinguishable quality.

George Giusti’s graphic designs graced the covers of Time, Fortune, Holiday and other major magazines, as well as most of the publications of the United States Information Agency. He produced advertising and graphic designs, illustrations, trademarks, client and employee publications, and package designs for major corporations. In all of Giusti’s graphics, he avoided the classical and sought instead a contemporary, even futuristic effect.

Joseph Binder was an Austrian-born designer whose influence permeated Europe and the United States. He applied reductive compositional principles derived from Cubism and De Stijl to his posters,  and won many poster competitions, organized by the Museum of Modern Art, for such agencies as the National Defense, the United Nations, and the American Red Cross. He also designed covers for Fortune and Graphis magazine. In 1948 Binder became art director for the U.S. Navy Department, and in the 1960's he returned to his primary passion of painting.

Herbert Bayer was an Austrian and American graphic designer, painter, photographer, sculptor, art director, environmental and interior designer, and architect, who was widely recognized as the last living member of the Bauhaus.  

These posters were commissioned by Fortune Magazine and are in perfect condition.