1950 Original French Movie Poster, La Rue Sans Loi - Dubout

Date: 1950
Size: 14 x 18.25 inches
Artist: Dubout, Albert

About the Poster:  Wikipedia tells us that "Street Without a King, is a French comedy film from 1950, directed by Marcel Gibaud, based on the cartoons by Albert Dubout, and starring André Gabriello as gangster Sparadra and featuring Louis de Funès as a music teacher." 

During his life, Albert Dubout illustrated over 80 movie posters, 70 oil paintings (with bulls and bull-fighting supplying the major theme), as well as comic books and comic strips. According to the website devoted to his life and works (http://www.dubout.fr/fr/biographie/index.php), his renown as an illustrator is equivalent to that of Magritte and Steinberg.

This poster is in very good condition, unlined and ready to frame.