1950s Original American Poster, Super Shell with TCP - Anonymous

Date: 1950s
Size: 32.25 x 46.5 inches
Notes: Poster, Linen Backed
Artist: Anonymous
Information: For more details, please call 514 656 3301

About The Poster: There is something about this poster which really captures the aesthetic and optimism of the 1950s: a smiling, freckled kids, the bold colours and graphics - it all makes for a pretty compelling poster timepiece. As well as a great poster for a boy's room, a man-cave, or an ad agency.

For those who want to know something about the history of the Shell Oil Company, Wikipedia helpfully tells us that:

"In February 1907, the Royal Dutch Shell Group was created through the amalgamation of two rival companies: Royal Dutch Petroleum Company and the "Shell" Transport and Trading Company Ltd of the United Kingdom. It was a move largely driven by the need to compete globally with Standard Oil. Royal Dutch Petroleum Company was a Dutch company founded in 1890 to develop an oilfield in Sumatra. The Shell Transport and Trading Company was a British company, founded in 1897 by Marcus Samuel and his brother. Their father had owned an antique company in London, which expanded in 1833 to import and sell sea-shells, after which the company "Shell" took its name." I love Wikipedia :)