1951 Original French Propaganda Poster, A Bas le Fascisme! Anti-Facist De Gaulle Poster - Fourgeron

Date: 1951
Size: 30.5 x 46.75 inches
Notes: Poster, linen backed, large
Artist: Fourgeron
Information: For more details, please call 514 656 3301

About The PosterDuring WWII, not only did posters continue to play their important role as vectors of motivation and patriotic fervour; they also appealed "to darker emotions such as anger at the human cost of war. They also relied on the use of familiar images and expressions. Graphic artists combined their skill with advertising copywriters to sway public opinion and unite people in support of the war effort. A poster's effectiveness arises from complex designs of words and symbols to communicate, invite action and build consensus. (Source : Australian National Wartime Museum, Patriotism, Persuasion, Propaganda, American War Posters).

This particular poster was created in the post-war era, but its message is still reminiscent of war-time propaganda. It depicts the French general and first president of the republic as a fascist, heartlessly gagging the republic of France. Issued by the French Communist Party and designed by Fourgeron, this anti-Gaullist poster is recently linen-backed and in excellent condition.