1958 Original Hungarian Poster, "Sunbathing is Pleasant, If ..."

Date: 1958
Size:  33 x 10.75 inches
Notes: Unlined, horizontal
Artist: Kolozsváry, György

About The Poster: Some of our favourite posters are those for which we can find no specific information, but which make us smile because of their simple graphics, clear message and undeniable appeal. Like this one:  the title of the poster is 'Sunbathing is pleasant if ..." and looking at the accompanying images, it appears the rest of the sentence should be "you don't stay out too long, you throw out your garbage properly, you change in private (!!) and you shower first." All good ideas, no?

Recently purchased, it is in exquisite condition and we feel would look great in almost any situation, but particularly in one where there is sun, beach, hot weather, or the desire for any and all of the above...