1960s Original Belgian Travel Poster, Sabena Airlines/Fly Boeing

Date: 1960s
Size:  25.25 x 39.25 inches
Artist: G. Vanden Eynde

About The Poster:

By design, travel posters must express, in clear, concise and easily understandable graphic language, who the carrier is, where there destinations are, how they get there, and why you would want to use them. Whether we are talking about the great posters of the French (or Swiss, or Italian) railways from the early 1900''s, or the early Canadian Pacific Railway (or airline) posters, or mid-century airline travel posters - like this one for the Belgian air carrier Sabena - the posters had to grab your attention, and make you want to travel. This is an a wonderful poster (which now has an almost delicious retro feel about it) illustrating what was then considered the height (pardon the pun) of elegant travel - the Boeing Jet. We love the kind of supersonic feel to the focus the poster designer gave to the engine. Can't you just hear it taking off?

"SABENA was the national airline of Belgium from 1923 to 2001, with its base at Brussels National Airport. After its bankruptcy in 2001, the newly-formed SN Brussels Airlines took over part of SABENA's assets in February 2002, which then became Brussels Airlines. The airline had its corporate headquarters in the Sabena House on the grounds of Brussels Airport in Zaventem."