1968 Original French Exhibition Poster, Galerie Reichenbach - Lartigue, Dany

Date: 1968
Size:  25 x 202 inches
Artist: Lartigue, Dany
Information: For more details, please call 514 656 3301 

About the Artist: Dany Lartigue sounds like an interesting fellow. Born in France in 1921, he is what the French call 'polyvalent', or what we in English might call a Renaissance man. He is equally talented as a painter, a writer and an entomologist, and - in his spare time - runs a museum dedicated to both butterflies and his own butterfly-centric art, in St. Tropez. Of butterflies he says that 'they are the image of happiness' ... His Museum of Butterflies in open to the public for 2Euros a person, and can be found at papillons@ville-sainttropez.fr.

Piece is in excellent condition, unlined, and recently purchased from a private collection in Europe.