1973 Original Polish Movie Poster, Niewygodny Kochanek (Lovemaker)

Date: 1973
23 x 33 inches
Notes: P
oster, Linenbacked
Artist: Jakub Erol
Information: For more details, please call 514 656 3301

About The Poster: Polish posters have come to stand apart from the advertising design conventions fostered in Europe during the 20th century. It was during the communist regime, a time when culture was closely monitored by the state, that Polish artists found liberation in poster art. Ironically,  this foremost public artform  became ground for individual expression. During that period,   the cultural institutions, of theatre and cinema especially, flourished as they were funded by government agencies. Artists freshly out of the fine arts academy flocked towards poster production as the demand for this art was rapidly growing. The result became some of the most unique and expressive posters the world has ever seen - and artworks in themselves. 

This poster was created for the Polish release of Niewygodny Kochanek, a 1969 movie that translates to Lovemaker or Uncomfortable Lover in English, but was in fact Italian. Directed by Ugo Liberatore, it was a drama starring Roger Fritz, Christiane Krüger and Peter Kraus and tells the story of a man who lies about being married (with a child!) to get out of being tied up in romantic relationships. When he eventually falls for someone, he will learn the repercussions of his deceptive ways... (apparently, there's also quite a bit of drama surrounding the fact that one of the lovers is German, and the other Italian. Post-war love was not always easy.)


About the artist: Jakub Erol is known for being unafraid to toy with photography and illustration to achieve an overall surreal style. He created many posters for horror movies (amongst others) for the Polish film industry as well as American and others. He was active from 1966 to 1992.