1994 Roy Lichtenstein Guggenheim Exhibition Poster - Lichtenstein

Date: 1994
Size:  27 x 32 inches
Artist: Roy Lichtenstein
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About The Poster: An exhibition poster for a show held at New York's Guggenheim Museum in 1994. Although Lichtenstein is best known for exploring contemporary culture through a comic-book style, here the artist relies on the Cubist approach of presenting multiple viewpoints at once to portray movement through time. 

Roy Lichtenstein began producing Pop Art paintings--based on the imagery of consumerism and popular culture--in the early 1960s, and he is most often associated with paintings and prints based on comic strips. When once asked how he selected his images, Lichtenstein explained, "I go through comic books looking for material which seems to hold possibilities for painting, both in its visual impact and the impact of its written message. . . . I try to take messages which are kind of universal or, in a way, either completely meaningless or so involved that they become ludicrous."