1974 Original French Exhibition Poster, Vilato, Gravures Recentes

Date: 1974
19.76 x 26 inches 
Notes: Small Poster, unlined
Javier Vilato (after)

About The Poster:

Artist Javier Vilato (Barcelona 1921 - Paris 2000)
In 1939, after the Spanish Civil War, he moves to Paris and is an inmate at the refugee camp in Argelés. His uncle Pablo Picasso manages to get him out and he settles in Paris until the beginning of the Second World War, when he moves back to Barcelona where he will begin his exhibiting activity.

With a grant from the French government, Javier Vilató settles definitely in Paris in 1946, and since 1948, when he is a member of the Parisian artistic scene, he exhibits at the more relevant salons. At the beginning of the 50s Javier Vilató starts working on engravings, a technique that, over the years will be as important as painting in his work. He works on bibliophile editions of writers such as Lorca, Claude Roy or Andrée Chedid.
During the 50s and 60s, his work gains international exposure: not only he returned to Barcelona, he also exhibits in galleries in Genève, London or Torino. Instructions such as the National Library in Paris or The Spanish Museum of Contemporary art show his works. During the decades of the 70s and 80s the work of Javier Vilató gets international recognition with exhibitions in museums, foundations and galleries in Switzerland, Mexico, France, Spain, Italy, England… In 2000, Javier Vilató dies in Paris.

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