1980s Danish Advertisement for Carlsberg Beer, Alle Kan Traenge Til en Hoff

Date: 1980s
Size: 15.75 x 22.75 inches
Notes: Poster, Unlined
Artist: Unknown

About this poster: This poster is an advertisement for Carlsberg lager, a Danish beer. It shows a man secretly whispering to a waiter. The literal translation of 'Alle Kan Traenge Til en Hoff' is 'Everybody can need a beer'. Knowing this, it makes it even more amusing because we can now understand what the man is asking for. Why should he be bothered by all of these fancy drinks in front of him, all he really wants is a beer! 

We love this advertisement, and even if it's an 80s poster, we definitely get the Art Deco feel from it. Affordable, it would look great in a dining room or a kitchen.