1980s Original French Art Deco Piano Poster, Pianos Daude - Andre Daude

Original Design Date: 1926
Date of Creation:
21 x 29 inches
Notes: Vintage poster, medium-sized, restrike
Artist: Andre Daude
Information: For more details, please call 514 656 3301

About The Poster: This poster is actually based on a piano ad from the 1920s for Pianos Daudé.

The business of selling pianos was originally founded in 1924 by André Daudé. To avoid the draft of the First World War, Daudé - like many others - rushed into the piano business. His first sale was a local affair: his neighbour, wanting to rid himself of his music player, enlisted Daudé's help in its reselling - and voilà! A passion was born! What's more, the president of the French company and the poster's artist are one and the same. This stunning design was originally created specifically for the piano store on Avenue Wagram in Paris, which still exists to this day. It is truly inspired: The diagonal placement of the piano instantly animates the entire scene, and the overhead view of the baldheaded pianist adds just the right note of humor. [Rennert, PAI-XVIII, 309]

In this restrike, the address for Pianos Daudé's Wagram location has been replaced with an advertisement for Park South Gallery, an art gallery in New York which specializes in Art Deco and Art Nouveau posters.