1980s French Poster, Bally Kick Shoe Advertising

Date: circa 1980
Size: 46.5 x 68.5 inches
Notes: Poster, oversized, unlined, double-sided
Artist: Villemot, Bernard

About The Poster: Bernard Villemot was a classic French artist whose work for Bally, Orangina, Bergasol and countless other brands helped propel him - and the brands he worked for - into world renown. This particular poster has a woman flirtatiously kicking up her leg to show off her high heels, while behind her the shadow of a man's shoe does the same. Its graphic, bold lines and strong colours perfectly embody Villemot's style.

This poster is unlined and in excellent condition. The image is printed on both sides (a rarity to be sure!) so it could even be framed between two glass panels to create a beautiful room divider. Gorgeous!