2005 Contemporary Poster, "Jan Paweł II" - Walenta

2005 Contemporary Poster, "Jan Paweł II" - Walenta
Date: 2005
Size:  24 x 36 inches
Notes: Poster, digital print
Artist: Tomasz Walenta
Information: For more details, please call 514 656 3301

About The Poster:  This contemporary poster titled "Jan Paweł II" was designed by Tomasz Walenta, a well-known and successful contemporary Polish-Canadian artist, cartoonist, and illustrator. He studied Graphic Design at UQAM and obtained his Masters degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He now lives and works out of Poland.

At first glance, the subject of the poster appears to be quite abstract: Is it a smoking nipple?  Is it a chimney sticking out of a hobbit hole?  It was the cause of much debate and discussion in the gallery, until we realized that Jan Paweł II is actually Pope John Paul II's native Polish name.  He was the first non-Italian pope since the 1500s to serve the Catholic Church, which he did until his death in 2005.  The illustration is thus representative of the papal conclave, where a group of cardinals convene to elect the new Bishop.  White smoke signifies that a new pope has been chosen.