2016 The Life and Art of Julius Klinger: Beyond Poster Art in Vienna


I fell in love with Julius Klinger when I first found a portfolio of his works at auction in New York a few years ago. His purity of design is unequaled, and his outlook on life, posters, and poster design is something that I relate(d) to instantly.


"In the world of art and design publishing, books dedicated to individual poster designers are still relatively rare. The Austrian poster designer, Julius Klinger is a figure of such significance whose work deserves this recognition. In [this] volume, author Karen Etingin has assembled the fullest account yet in the English language of this remarkable life and work."

Jeremy Aynsley, University of Brighton

"Julius Klinger was a fantastic artist who knew how to draw well and how to create beautiful illustrations. Klinger's calculated and traceable evolution of style - from conventional illustration to a simpler, more cartoonish approach, and ultimately to an elegant, elemental style of graphic design that focused on product and message - used humour, flamboyant colours and a sense of avant-gardism that resulted in a remarkable and prolific body of work.

Although some authors began to show an interest in Klinger in the 1990s, prior to the publication of this book no one had delved deeply into the incredible quantity and quality of Klinger's poster production. This is the task that Karen Etingin took on. In this book she re-introduces Julius Klinger to the world and elevates him to the position he deserves - a position among the best poster designers ever."

 Marc H. Choko, Professor Emeritus, UQAM

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