1952 Original Italian Vintage Barilla Pasta Advertisement - Carboni, Erberto

Date: 1952
Size: 26 x 35.75 inches
Notes: Poster
Artist: Erberto Carboni
Information: For more details, please call 514 656 3301

About The Artist: Eberto Carboni was a man of many talents and interests: he designed buildings, poster graphics, and furniture, and amongst all that, somehow found the time to launch his own state-run television broadcasting company, RAI, and create the sculptural-yet-comfortable Delfino lounge chairs.

About the Poster: His background in architectural studies obviously influenced his poster designs, which are dynamic yet clean-lined, and almost seem three-dimensional.

In the early fifties, Pietro Barilla travels to the United States. He comes back a changed man, and sees to it that the company he had just inherited - Barilla - follow suit, and adapt to a modernizing world. Enter Eberto Carboni. Already a well-established designer, Carboni recognizes the company's need to reinvent its marketing strategy, but also understands that Barilla's past cannot be forgotten or unacknowledged. The logo keeps its cursive and italicized style, but becomes sleek and aerodynamic. The company's caption, "the pasta for healthy appetites" is also kept. In this way, Barilla's international corpororate identity is preserved.

In this particular poster, objects of a strong iconic value (the utensils and pasta shapes) stand out against a uniform background, their shadows indicating movement and lightness. The warm yellow of the pasta indicates to customers that only the freshest eggs - which would have hosted orange-yellow yolks - would have been used.

Of Pietro Barillo, the official Barillo website says: "[he] has linked his name to values such as perseverance, generosity, sensitivity both human and artistic and the territoriality, making sure that today will be remembered by all as an example of ideal entrepreneur", and is credited with changing the face of Italian advertisement design. (http://www.barillagroup.com)


This poster is in excellent condition, and is ready to be framed!