1912 Original Vintage Belgian Travel Poster, Breedene Plage lez Ostende - T'Sas

Date: c. 1912
Size: 26.5 x 40 inches
Notes: Poster, lithography
Artist: Victor T'Sas F.
Information: For more details, please call 514 656 3301


About The Poster: Printed by La Lithographie Artistique, Bruges and edited by the Belgische Staatsspoorwegen - or the Belgian State Railways - this poster was created to advertize the Belgian coastal town of Bredene, with a certain emphasis on its beach. This was no doubt a very important poster, considering how the majority of the town's income dependent on tourism. Indeed, from the period of July and August, the population doubles due to many events that attract people from everywhere. The small town is also home to Belgium's only nude beach, accessible by the Bredene Renbaan (Hippodroom) tram stop.

Meanwhile, Belgian artist Victor T'Sas (Tournai, 1866-1942) was a painter and poster designer whose fame can be found in his poster art. His signature is found on the lower left-hand corner, beside the words 'La Campagne, La Mer, Les Courses', which translates to 'The countryside, the sea, and shopping". What more could a girl want from her vacation destination? Colorful and original, it is ready to be framed.