2011 Contemporary Exhibition Poster, Boldini E La Belle Epoque, Como - Boldini

2011 Contemporary Exhibition Poster, Boldini E La Belle Epoque, Como - Boldini

Date: 2011
Size:  39.5 x 55.5
Notes: Poster, Large Poster, Oversize 
Boldini (after)

About The Poster: Although we specialize in original vintage posters, we sometimes cannot resist some contemporary wonders such as this poster. Created for the exhibition Boldini e la Belle Epoque, which showed in Lake Como last summer (2011), this stunning oversize poster shows us one of Boldini's lucious women, Mademoiselle de Nemidoff. Vera Nemidoff was a well known opera singer in Paris, endowed by a "heavenly voice" (and just as heavenly looks...). 

"The well-known mezzo-soprano of the Paris Opera debuts in 1900 and played minor roles in "Romeo and Juliette", "Valkyrie", "Faust",  gaining fame in '"Ashtaroth" Leroux. There are many testimonials of the tight relationship of Giovanni Boldini (Ferrara, December 31, 1842 - Paris, January 11, 1931) with various operatic singers, composers and musicians of his time. The Ferrarese painter reached the pinnacle of success across the Alps in the City of Lights.  Giovanni Boldini loved The Paris atmosphere and its protagonists, and did not hesitate in 1908 to capture Nemidoff on the canvas like a diva, fatal and distant. The proud look, the dynamic pose dynamic, hair gathered to highlight the features of her face, the daring neckline that leaves her white shoulders, arms and hands uncovered, without jewelry... All give the idea of ​​femininity free from constraints." 


We had the chance of seeing this poster hanging in the streets and interiors of Como last summer - we think it would look simply amazing framed.



(Source: Stefania Bricola, Un quadro, una storia: Vera Nemidoff, Icona della bellezza parigina, La Provincia, April 15, 2011. http://www.laprovinciadicomo.it. Translated fro Italian)