1940s Art Deco Winchester Cigarettes Horizontal Poster, Blended Right!

Date: c. 1940
Size: 63 x 34.75 inches
Notes: Large Poster, lithograph, horizontal
Artist: Unknown
Information: For more details, please call 514 656 3301

About The Poster: Tobacco advertisement is nowadays one of the most regulated forms of advertisement, but only a few decades ago it was everywhere and unavoidable. Smoking advertisements are impossible to remove from the backdrop of the early twentieth century, and nowadays are used as examples of a time very different from our own.

This poster, a banner advertising Winchester Cigarettes, uses bright colours and classic Art Deco typography to draw in the consumer, and was probably displayed in a public space because it is more appropriate for younger people than so many other smoking advertisements. Although it may not be crude like some smoking advertisements at the time, it is still an important historical artifact that teaches us about a time past.

This poster was rolled when the ink was still wet, which led to some creasing of the ink (as can be seen in the 'W'). It is otherwise in great condition, and ready to be framed!