1940's Original Ladies Fashion Illustrations, 'Spring Hats' - Goldenberg

Date: 1940's
ize: 15 x 20 inches
Artist: Goldenberg
Information: For more details, please call 514 656 3301 

About The Poster: Before Snapchat and Facebook, before Project Runway and People Magazine, ladies who wanted to know which bathing suits and hats to wear needed to look at the advertisements and promotions from their local department and specialty stores. Designs like these - one board is titled Spring Hats and the other appears to be primarily bathing suit and cover-up fashions - were meant not only to entice the viewer to buy the items, but also to imagine themselves in the type of life where these fashions would be required. 

We think they will look outstanding framed in a ladies bedroom or boudoir, dressing room or any space that needs a little polish.  Kind of a pity we don't dress like this any longer...