1917 Original Dutch Art Nouveau Poster, Instituut Overtoom/ Handelsondervys - van der Vecht

Date: 1917
Size: 29 x 41 inches
Notes: Poster, Linen Backed
Artist: van der Vecht
Information: For more details, please call 514 656 3301

I found this poster in the basement of a poster dealer in Marseilles, and aside from the fact that it was expensive, I didn't know very much about it. But there was something about the colors - subdued and in shades of ecru, orange and mushroom - and the images, and the fact that every inch of the poster was covered with detail which made etome reach once more into my pretty empty pockets to search for crumbs. The poster hung on my wall for quite some time and I was unable to find out much about it - I asked my South African friends for help - figuring that Africaans was close to Dutch - but they came up with red herrings. I asked every Dutch client and friend, but to no avail. Until, until, until one kind and generous client pointed me in the right direction and told me just about everything I needed to know: that the symbol/stamp/chop of the artist in the bottom right hand corner of the poster (near the date stamp) is of the artist known as van der Vecht, that the printer (Senefelder, of Amsterdam) was known as one of the best at the time, and still, and that the poster promoted a business school which was located on a street called Overtoom which still exists in the busy city of Amsterdam. Mercury, the god of business, trade, profit and commerce, is shown with an owl, the Athenian symbol of wisdom - perhaps in the hope that the graduates of this particular school will make money wisely? - and the whole poster is, to me at least, a marvel of what I call Gothic Art Nouveau. This poster is rather rare - the Dutch weren't as prolific as the French or Belgians with their poster art - and its size, coloration and subject matter make it not only spectacular, but valuable and quite a find. Poster measures 29 x 41 inches, is linen backed and in very good A- condition.