1914 Original French Poster, Carlos Couturier, Thisbe Parfum - Journal Des Dames Et Des Modes

Date: 1914
Size:  11 x 8.75 inches
Notes: Poster, Small, Lithograph
Artist: Journal des dames et des modes

About The Poster: Journal des Dames et des Modes began publishing in 1912 and Barbier was made the principal illustrator for two of them. The Journal lasted only two years until 1914 - it was a luxury magazine for an exclusive clientele: only 1279 copies of each issue were printed. With designs in color and black and white, stories of fashion and society, the Journal des Dames et des Modes had it all. The magazine appeared three times a month. The text part of each number filled eight pages and consisted of "belles lettres" - aphorisms, fashionable poetry, fashion notes and the like - written by pillars of le "tout Paris: Anatole France, Jean Cocteau and the Comtess de Noailles. In addition, each issue was accompanied by one to five unbound colored fashioned plates... the yearly subscription price was 100 francs in France, 120 francs elsewhere. This pochoir is in excellent condition, and was printed in 1914 to illustrate the height of fashion at the time. This pochoir was purchased in Europe and is not readily available in the US.