1895 Original French Art Nouveau Poster, À La Place Clichy - Manuel Orazi

Date: 1895
Size:  9.5 x 9.5 inches
Notes: Poster, Small Poster, Lithograph
Artist: Orazi, Manuel / Imprimeries le Mercier

About The Poster: Manuel Orazi was a native of Rome who spent most of his adulthood in Paris as a graphic and decorative artist. To make a living, he supplied illustrations to various magazines… eventually he landed a steady position with the prestigious art and home decor store La Maison Moderne... In painting and in poster design he favored somewhat exotic themes with Art Nouveau overtones.(Rennert) This calendar for La Maison Clichy illustrates monthly sales, holidays and in-store events for a major retailer - in each piece the turn-of-the-century charm of the featured women is undeniable, naïve and captivating. Each piece, linen backed, measures 9.5 inches... Sold as a set of 4, for $1250.