1950s Original French Oceanliner Poster, Paquebot Louis Lumiere - Brennet

1950s Original French Oceanliner Poster, Paquebot Louis Lumiere  - Brennet

Date: 1950s
Size:  20 x 24 inches
Notes: Poster, Framed
Artist: Brennet, Albert
Information: For more details, please call 514 656 3301

About The Poster: A beautiful rendering of the French oceanliner Louis Lumière. The image was executed by painter Albert Brenet and used for the poster. The poster is framed in a metalic-gold frame and measures 20 x 24. 

 The Paquebot Louis Lumière was part of a fleet of 8 oceanliners that w ere built between 1950 and 1954 by the Compagnie des chargeurs réunis. It was put into service on October 4th 1952 on the company's South-American line. In 1956, the ship celebrated its passenger number 1,000,000. It was passed over to the Club Mediterannee in 1966 for a series of 10 voyages and in 1967, the ship was sold to Cia Navegacion Abeto SA of Hong Kong. It was then transfered, in 1976, to the official Indonesian ship agency P.T Perusahaan Palayan Arafat. The giant was disarmed on July 27th 1977 and was towed to Chittatong were it was to be demolished. 

The Louis Lumière ship measured 163 meters long and 20 meters wide. A commercial ship, it also had a passenger capacity of just over 400. It could reach 17 knots in speed. The Paquebot Laennec, the Louis Lumière's sister ship, was also painted by Albert Brenet, who was a maritime painter.