1969 Original Dubuffet Exhibition Poster, Pace Gallery, Simulacres - Dubuffet

1969 Original Dubuffet Exhibition Poster, Pace Gallery, Simulacres - Dubuffet

Date: 1969
Size:  26.25 x 40 inches
Notes: Poster
Artist: Dubuffet, Jean
Information: For more details, please call 514 656 3301

About The Poster: Jean Philippe Arthur Dubuffet (31 July 1901 – 12 May 1985) was a French avant-garde painter and sculptor. Dubuffet was born in Le Havre, France and moved to Paris to in 1918 to study painting for a short while at the Académie Julian. In his early painting career, Dubuffet mostly painted figures of nude women in an impersonal and primitive way in strong and unbroken colours as well as people in the common place of everyday life. His first solo exhibition was in 1944. In 1945, he became strongly impressed by a show in Paris by Jean Fautrier whose paintings he recognized as meaningful art which expressed directly and purely the depth of a person. Following Fautrier’s method, Dubuffet started to use thick oil paint, but mixed with sand and gravel, by which he could model the paint as a skin of the painting. This resulted in the series 'Hautes Pâtes’; he exhibited in 1946 at the Galérie René Drouin. After 1946 he started a series of portraits, with as 'model' partly his own friends Henri Michaux, Francis Ponge, Jean Paulhan and Pierre Matisse. He painted these portraits in the same thick materials, and deliberately anti-psychological and anti-personal, as Dubuffet expressed himself. Many of Dubuffet's works are painted in oil paint using an impasto thickened by materials such as sand, tar and straw, giving the work an unusually textured surface. From 1962 he produced a series of works in which he limited himself to the colours red, white, black, and blue. Towards the end of the 1960s he turned increasingly to sculpture, producing works in polystyrene which he then painted with vinyl paint. Dubuffet died in Paris in 1985. The Dubuffet Foundation is represented by The Pace Gallery, New York; the foundation collects and exhibits his work.

Titled “Simulacres”, this rare poster was exhibited in November 1969 at the Pace Gallery in New York.

From a private collection.