1938 Original American Circus Poster, Tom Mix

1938 Original American Circus Poster, Tom Mix

Date: 1938
Size:  41 x 28 inches
Notes: Poster, Large, Lithograph
Artist: Anonymous
Information: For more details, please call 514 656 3301

About The Poster:    Posters have always played a crucial role in advertising for circuses: weeks before the "circus would come to town", poster hangers would arrive and plaster images of the latest acts, trapeze performers and wild animals who would be performing. Barnum and Bailey was perhaps the best known American circus company, but there were many others - like the Tom Mix Circus - who also had illustrious careers and long touring histories.

The headliner of this circus - Tom Mix - was a household name at the beginning of the last century. A much-married, high-living, honest-to-goodness cowboy, Tom Mix made more than 160 cowboy films throughout the 1920s. These featured action oriented scripts with sharply defined heros and bad guys who were sharply defined and a clean-cut cowboy always "saved the day." Millions of American children grew up watching his films on Saturday afternoons. His intelligent and handsome horse Tony also became a celebrity. Mix did his own stunts and was frequently injured. He also had a history of performing in a variety of circuses including the Sells-Floto circus and the Sam Dill Circus (which he was reported to have purchased in 1935).

This poster is considered to be highly collectible and rare. It is in excellent condition and linen backed.