1890s Original Belgian Art Nouveau Poster, 3 Fishermen - Cassiers

1890s Original Belgian Art Nouveau Poster, 3 Fishermen - Cassiers

Date: 1890s

Size: 39 x 54 inches
Notes: Poster, Lithograph, Linen Backed
Artist: Anonymous
Information: For more details, please call 514 656 3301

About The Poster:  Henri Cassiers was a well known and highly talented artist of Belgian descent. Originally trained as a painter, Cassiers began to focus on lithography and poster design in the last years of the 1880s. He won many prizes and was a sought after draftsman who remained true to his roots and his themes of choice: fishing and shipping. His posters for the Red Star line will be featured at the museum which will open in September 2013 and which is an initiative of the City of Antwerp . Cassiers created only 45 posters, making them the choice of connaisseurs, museums and collectors around the world.

We are told that these three fishermen are sharing a drink of jenever which is a highly potent, almost tasteless Dutch liquor. Presumably fishing has chilled them and the jenever is being used for its medicinal and recuperative powers.

Poster is in very good condition with some marginal, unobtrusive staining. Unlined. Rare.