1928 Original Montreal Canadian Newspaper, La Presse 17 March 1928, Matted, Mr. Evangeliste Hogue

Date: 17 March, 1928
Size: 11 x 17 inches without matting; 18 x 24 inches with matting
Artist:  Unknown
Information: For more details, please call 514 656 3301

About the poster: This poster promotes a French newspaper called La Presse, which ran for nearly a century under different owners between 1836 and 1938. As La Presse has recently gone digital, this is even more of a timepiece than it used to be! This colourful matted print shows the portrait of Mr. Evangeliste Hogue. The caption under the images translates as follows:

'Mr. Evangeliste Hogue, President of the Canadian of Saint-Henri, the oldest snowshoe club in the country, that recently celebrated it's creation 50th anniversary; president de l'Union des racquetteurs de Montreal, vice-president of the Canadian Union, ex-president and honorary president of the West Union. (Cliché Famous Studio, 33 Sainte-Catherine East, coloured by an artist at "La Presse".)'