2004 Contemporary Quebec Poster, Quebec Storytelling Festival II - Fiorucci

2004 Contemporary Quebec Poster, Quebec Storytelling Festival II - Fiorucci

Date: 2004
Size: 22.25 x 30
Artist: Fiorucci, Vittorio
Information: For more details, please call 514 656 3301

About The Poster:  

This series of posters was created by none other than the great Vittorio Fiorucci, a famous Canadian graphic designer and artist, for the annual Storytelling Festival of l'Estrie (Townships region of Quebec). These posters are among the last works Vittorio produced before he passed in 2008. Vittorio's posters are collected worldwide, with works in important museums such as the MoMA. They are graphically stunning and also hold a great deal of cultural value. We think they would great framed and make an excellent (and original) gift.
About the artist: "Over the course of his career, Vittorio Fiorucci has been a caricaturist, photographer, illustrator and magazine publisher; the author of comic books, children's books, photography books; a sculptor and a graphic designer. But it is above all as a poster artist that he has made his greatest mark, creating more than 300 posters and earning a prodigious number of international prizes and awards...After spending most of his childhood in Venice, Vittorio Fiorucci left Italy in 1951 to settle in Montreal. In the 1960s, he had already created a logotype for the Le Château stores and a provocative series of erotic posters. From that moment on, his style stood apart for its pure lines, its vivid colours and an especially unmistakeable sarcasm. Undeniably, his best-known creation is still the green mascot for the Just for Laughs Festival, but he also earned great success with his illustrations for the National Bank, the Opéra de Montréal, the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu hot air balloon festival and the Salon des métiers d’art.

During the preparation of the 1997 Kyoto Conference on Climate Change, Vittorio was the only Canadian to be invited to create a poster for the event; he was competing amongst the best poster artists in the world. But that was not the first time Vittorio's name was associated with a humanitarian cause; as early as 1967, he created an environmental poster titled "Don't cut the trees". He also made an imaginative statement with his "Women’s Lib" poster and with "Adieu Montréal", an image reflecting the demolition of Montreal's urban heritage."
Source: Info Design Canada (http://www.infodesigncanada.com/infodesign/en/circle_of_honour/vittorio/bio.html)