1935 Original French Art Deco Poster, Regie Francaise - Vincent

Date: 1935
Size:  81 x 100 inches
Notes: Poster, Linen Backed, lithograph, oversize
Artist: Vincent, Rene
Information: For more details, please call 514 656 3301

About the Poster:  I've said it before (every time I list a Vincent!), and I'll say it again: It's probably not wise for a poster dealer to disclose their personal favorites, but I have to admit that Vincent is among the top designers I admire most: not necessarily because his art is meaningful or 'important' but perhaps because it is fun, spirited and it never fails to make me smile. This piece was done to inspire the French population to smoke French cigarettes (vive la Republique!) and clearly smoking doesn't seem to harm this lovely lass who is selling the best the Republique has to offer. Her tray is full of various home grown brands... the colors are vibrant, the meaning is clear and Vincent's signature is on the top left of the piece.  (Vincent produced another piece, in the same year, showing a gendarme, who robustly is selling the same brands - we call him this woman's boyfriend - if you want them both, let us know!) Vincent was for many years an illustrator for humor and fashion magazines, and didn’t begin creating posters until his forties. Once he did however, he was most prolific. Along with his many automobile posters, especially notable are his posters for the Bon Marche department store which he designed between 1925 and 1932. All combine humor and elegance and not uncommonly, feature a svelte, fashionable woman in the sleek new styles of the day. This poster measures a striking 100 x 81 inches, is linen backed and in very good condition - the colours pop! Just look at the cigarettes - they are colorful, and her face... we love her!!