1960s Original Canadian Travel Posters, Quebec La Belle Province, Set of 2

Date: 1960s
Size:  16 x 26 inches
Notes: Poster, pair, set of 2, both unlined
Artist: Unknown

About The Poster: This set of 2 posters showcase Quebec and its nickname 'La Belle Province' and were produced by the province's tourism board in the 1960s.

The first poster, featuring the figure of crucified figure of Jesus, it captioned 'Modern Trend in Religious Art in Quebec', and speaks to the phase of Quebec history spanning 1930-1965 when religious art met modernity. According to voir.ca It was during this time that there was revival of traditional or classic materials such as wood and stone, and imagery which sought to be more expressive and all-around more relatable to the reality and lifestyle to Quebecers at the time. Artists were inspired by the classic forms of Medieval religious art, but integrates modernism's fascination with geometry into their designs. Sculptures such as the crucifixion shown in the poster would not have been painted nor polished; the surface's imperfections would have proudly revealed the artist's hand at work. The poster is in good condition, with signs of creasing along with upper left-hand corner.

The second poster shows a working water mill, a typical sight in Quebec. They are highly representative of the province's history as most date from the early colonies, when Quebec was known as New France. The caption under the image reads 'Today's Enchantment was Yesteryear's Necessity', and informs the viewer that the photograph was taken in Village des Aulnaies.