1914 Original Swedish Art Deco Poster, Skanska Jubileums - Svartydd

Date: 1914
Size:  24 x 36 inches
Notes: Poster, linen backed, framed
Artist: Svartydd
Information: For more details, please call 514 656 3301

About The Poster:  Signed with the mark of Svartydd, and printed by Skånska Litografiska A.-B. Malmö. Swedish is unfortunately not one of the languages we speak, but clearly this wonderful poster was for some sort of farming exposition, held in Malmo in 1914. It's rare to have a cow shown, derriere to the viewer, and rarer still to have a vintage poster, in exceptional condition, from Sweden. (In fact, this is the only Swedish poster I have seen in 20+ years of collecting). Designed with evident respect for the animals and people (note the farmers tilling in the far right background over the nose of the cow) associated with this exposition, this poster is archivally framed, and measures approx. 24 x 36. I generally like all of the posters I sell, but this one is a particular favorite - it's simple (not advertising liquor or beer or clothing), it's done with a very simple color palette, and it is just so sweet (without being too sweet).