1915 Original British Art Nouveau Poster, Soldiers/ Sailors Tobacco Fund - Brangwyn

Date: 1915
Size: 40 x 56 inches
Notes: Poster, Oversize, Lithograph, Linen Backed
Artist: Brangwyn, Frank
Information: For more details, please call 514 656 3301

About The Poster: This is truly one of the most magnificent posters I have had in the gallery - now, or ever. Despite the fact that it is in black and white, or perhaps because it is bereft of color, it is as powerful as any poster, large or small, as any other I have seen. The message is simple, and perhaps in our tobacco intolerant times, a little dated: but put yourself back almost a hundred years when smoking was really a simple pleasure, When it was one of the few simple pleasures 'our boys at the front' could take with them. And then put aside the text altogether and look at the image: You have, in the forefront, a group of soldiers - yes, enjoying a smoke - together as only men can be (in those times, before women were in the military) and see their comradeship. See on the lower right, the young men, happily going off to war, their bayonets slung over their arms, ready - no, willing - to go off to certain death. Then look to the left, in the background at the cathedral - going up in smoke (yes, yes, I get the irony...). It is, really, quite a masterpiece. Because the poster is unsigned I initially had a hard time finding its provenance, but like all posters, it has a history and a story: it was actually produced by a very well known and quite famous British artist by the name of Frank Brangwyn. According to Wikipedia: ' Sir Frank William Brangwyn RA RWS RBA (12 May 1867 – 11 June 1956) was an Anglo-Welsh artist, painter, water colourist, virtuoso engraver and illustrator, and progressive designer.