1915 Vietnamese Cigarette Poster, La Bai / Les As

Date: c. 1915
Size: 25.5 x 19.5 inches
Notes: Poster, linen backed, horizontal, lithograph
Artist: Unknown

About The Poster: This cigarette ad was created in Marseilles while Vietnam was under French rule. French Indochina was officially formed in October 1887 and lasted until 1954. During the interwar period, Vietnam grew increasingly industrial and modern as a reflection of their European influences. As their economy grew and people were able to spend extra money on frivolous items, there was also a surge in advertisements that would have led to the creation of posters such as this.

The design of this poster is loosely inspired by the work of French artist Leonetto Cappiello, now known as the father of modern advertising. At the turn of the century, he pioneered a style that gave ads a focal point (in this case: a cigarette carton) that jumped out from a black background. This was incredibly different the posters of the time, which were highly detailed and ornate.

Recently linen-backed, this poster is in very good condition and would look beautiful framed.