1988 Contemporary Montreal Poster, Festival Rythmes du Monde - Makka

1988 Contemporary Montreal Poster, Festival Rythmes du Monde - Makka

Date: 1988
Size:  17.5 x 24.5
Notes: Poster
Artist: Makka
InformationFor more details call 514 656 3301

About The Poster: This is a vintage poster advertising the 1988 edition of Festival Rythmes du Monde, held in Montreal.

"The Rhythms of the World Festival is a non-profit organization which promotes the cultural diversities that make up the special soul of Montreal. The Festival communicates these cultures through three forms: performing arts, visual arts and culinary arts and act as the main cultural festival in Canada allowing individuals to discover, understand and appreciate our country’s multiculturalism. Its mission is to foster comprehension and harmony between cultures through the lens of social and cultural activities expressed in visual, performing and culinary art forms. Multiculturalism imparts a color and richness to Montreal and contributes to establishing it as one of the world’s most international cities. People worldwide appreciate Montreal, not only for its exceptional cultural character and major international events, but also because of family members who have moved to this great city and now call it home. The metropolis of Montreal encompasses more than 80 cultural communities, each with its own customs, values, flavors and rhythms…"

The poster is in B+ condition, with slightly damaged edges. Please ask to see more photos.