Posters are pure, precise and perfect printed artworks. Whether it is an Art Deco masterpiece (showcasing absinthe, tobacco or the latest operetta at the Moulin Rouge), an Art Nouveau panel (replete with the flowers, flourishes and fantastic muted colors which were popular around 1900), or even contemporary posters (for events, exhibitions or ideas) – every poster ever made exemplifies purity of style. They have to: posters have to grab your attention in a millisecond and keep it long enough to transmit a message and make you remember what that message was.


Buying into this kind of style can be simple and it need not be costly; with a  large number of posters available (in a variety of sizes) for under $1000, the posters in the L’Affichiste collection can provide instant cachet, design and panache to any environment. Kitchens, bedrooms, offices, bathrooms – even gyms- each and every space can be enlivened, emboldened and enhanced with the stylish statements and carefully chosen artworks from this Montreal-based gallery.