1930s French Art Deco Poster, Favor Cycles & Motos

1930s French Art Deco Poster, Favor Cycles & Motos

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Date: c. 1930
Size: 19.5 x 19.5 inches
Artist: Jean Prunière

About The Poster: This vintage French poster from the 1930s is an advertisement for the Favor Bicycle and Motorcycle company. The bold circular composition was designed by Jean Prunière, who does a great job of advertising the speed of Favor's products.

Favor was founded in France in 1898 and produced bicycles and motorcycles until folding in 1977. Their motorcycles were regularly ridden to victory in French national championships throughout the 1950s. Clermont–Ferrand is a twin-city located in the Auvergne region of central France. In addition to the Favor company, it has been the home of Michelin tires since their founding in 1888.

The poster has a unique square format and has superb graphic and typographic characteristics. We love the size and retro colours of this poster and are happy to have it as a reminder of summertime cycling - when Montrealers hit the road on their bikes for our brief (but well-loved) summer.

It is linen backed and in very good condition.