1930s Original French Travel Poster - Chateau de Nantes

1930s Original French Travel Poster - Chateau de Nantes

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Date: 1930s
Size:  24.5 x 39 inches
Artist: Commarmond

About The Poster: 

A fabulous travel poster advertising Nantes, for the French Railways.

The French Railway System (SNCF) was nationalized in the 1930s, and in an effort to promote tourism, and deflect the impact of automobile traffic, the company hired some of the best poster artists of the time to create works advertising almost every corner of the country. Using the best of Art Deco design, colors of the period and typography which is quite typical of the age, the artist manages to convey the charms of each of the destinations he has been hired to advertise.
SNCF posters are highly collectible and sought after around the globe. L'Affichiste is pleased to be able to offer roughly 30 of these delightful pieces from a private collection. This poster is linen backed and in very good condition.